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Let’s start another conversation.
My Modern Quilt Guild also started an Improv Round Robin after Ms Sherry Lynn Wood’s presentation this summer and I signed right up since I’m always happy to play with other quilter’s fabrics.

2015BAMAddingtotheConvoAFor my September 2015 start above, I came across the ‘orphan block’ I’d originally made for the St Louis swap last summer, (I ended up making another block for that project) and it was perfect! My fabric pull included similar colors, plus some coral and, after ‘adding some shinies’ to the block, it was good to go. Easy Peasy!

2015BAMAddingtotheConvoBIn October I focused on K’s start of simple bands of black & white, plus a red. My first choice: which ‘signature tiger’ to use. When I pulled out all the fabric, there’s this odd piece of yellow with a small wedge of teal sewn to it. Teal tigers it is!
2015BAMAddingtotheConvoC2015BAMAddingtotheConvoDNext, I make some HSTs & arrange them and large b/w print triangles on opposite sides, except that makes it a funny six-sided shape. There’s a swirly fabric and more of the red to add to the other two sides and I rather like my addition.

For November, C’s start has such a lovely muted palette! There’s a wedgie border on two sides that was added by B last round. 2015BAMAddingtotheConvoEOnly one tiger really goes with this fabric: the limey tiger. 2015BAMAddingtotheConvoGThis piece reminds me of rock formations, so with this mindset, I choose my favorite shiny graphic print and start making striations and diagonal cuts. As I finish the connecting seam, I’m at 20 minutes, so I suppose adding on just one side is where I stop.2015BAMAddingtotheConvoFActually, I’m wrong. I took one look at K’s flying block and realized that I did have more to say. Well, Shiitake may have egged me on to add more limey tigers. Here’s my quick HST addition:2015BAMAddingtotheConvoJAnd the whole enchilada:2015BAMAddingtotheConvoH

December finds me puzzling over B’s funky shape block with additions by A & K…
My first decision is ‘to square up or not to square up?’2015BAMAddingtotheConvoKWell, I’ll think about that while I make my signature orange tiger blocks and HSTs. As I’m shuffling the pieces around, I decide to square up the right side with echoing sized strips and continue along the bottom with pinwheels and other fabric. Plus, I made another love letter block out of fabulous swirling orange fabric!2015BAMAddingtotheConvoLHere’s my finish along the bottom and a wedgie on the right side.2015BAMAddingtotheConvoM

January 2016 arrived, and I was happy to distract myself with the playful fabrics of A’s festive start. K had just added the ‘Saint LunaSol’ panel at the bottom and I decided that this is definitely a two-saint kinda quilt!

2015BAMAddingtotheConvoNI also had a bit of fun adding my kitties below and the ‘snake in the garden’ on the left as a counterpoint to what I’ve dubbed, Our Lady of Blueberries.2015BAMAddingtotheConvoOHere’s the A’s awesome block and I can hardly wait to see what happens next.2015BAMAddingtotheConvoPAs of January 2016, Club Free members are finished working on my start, so let’s come full circle and show this beauty off! Yay!2015BAMAddingtotheConvoQ

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    • Thanks, Ann! There’s time after the meetings to sew, however we just took blocks home for our 20-30min additions and swapped between meetings when possible. It’s been fun!

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