Are you a Square, or do ya’ got Rhythm?

This month, our Quilty Improv Group explored the fifth Score, “Rhythmic Grid,” in Ms Sherry Lynn Wood’s book.
As I looked over my meager stash, I found a lovely bag of ‘destash’ scraps with blue and aqua 2” strips, reds and pink 5” squares, plus a bit of extra fabric. There isn’t a lot to work with, but that makes it more interesting, right?
2016SquaresGotRhythmASkimming the instructions, I started building my grid by adding red strips to blue squares.

2016SquaresGotRhythmBAs I laid these out in my normal 18” format, I realized that they were too predictable, so I switched to a diagonal. 2016SquaresGotRhythmCStill an expected layout, but I’ve yet to work the blue, stripped red squares into the Score. Here are some of the options I played with:

As my precut squares are used up, I let the borders drift into instability with more rectangles, but keep up that zigzag feeling.2016SquaresGotRhythmFThe most interesting part of the layout turns out to be the zigzag, even if the sizes are grid format.2016SquaresGotRhythmEUltimately, I’m pretty pleased with my results.

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