Happiness Rocks

My weekends have been a blur this year and I’ve spent much of my time being wonderfully creative: One retreat spent figuring out whether digital photo album design is my direction, another, helping friends bottle a barrel of wine. 2015HappyBottling
However, last weekend, I created stuff!

My client requested colorful cards for her annual birthday set. I designed them with a thoughtful stamp and silk flowers. My process was to cut the paper and stamp, then coordinate flowers and assemble, finishing with a blingy brad for sparkle. By the time I’d finished 50, I had a vibrant garden on my desk!
2015HappyBdayCard 2015HappyBdayCards

Next up: sewing!
At a workshop with Joe the quilter last year, learned a fun technique for assembling 6″ blocks. I zipped together a bunch of them, but didn’t make the second cut and promptly set them aside. Fast forward…

When I pulled it out again, I realized that there really wasn’t much fabric left and I should just make as many blocks as I could. Below, I have the 5″, 4″, 2″ and 1″ strips waiting along the left side while chain piecing the 3″ pairs. 2015HappinessBlocksI totally forgot about making another round of ‘block strips’ and cutting again. Oh well, I’ll blame that on hot-from-the-oven brownies! 😉2015HappinessSetup
Once I began assembling this quilt, I liked the fact that only the corners had to match up. It took me a little time to double check, but I think it looks fun. Like minty, purple ice cream!2015HappinessLayout

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