Carpenter’s Wheel: Magenta Mandala

Hoffman Challenge, Part 1: Earlier this year, I stumbled on the annual Hoffman fabric challenge. My friend, E thought it might be grand to enter and I decided to give it a whirl myself.

When I saw the multi-color mandala wheels, I knew exactly what to make. (wait for it…) A Carpenter’s Wheel!

Right out of the gate, I fell in love with the Magenta version of the original Anastasia fabric, so I thought I’d try playing with that first. I’d had much luck using the magic 8 method to easily make HST on the orchid birdie blocks, but the way I was fussy-cutting this mandala fabric, that just wasn’t possible.

With everything cut, sewn & squared into blocks, I assembling my wheel.


As progress continued, I decided to use this Wheel & the fabrics in my ‘Tula Pink City Sampler, 100 modern blocks’ quilt! Look for more progress later this fall.

UPDATE: here’s the finished block!2014MagentaMandala

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