So, you say you’re kreative?

Great! But with a multitude of interests, when will you make time to post something?!?!

True. The Holidays provide much inspiration, especially edibles, decorations, music and art. Even wrapping gifts provide a simple artistic expression. However, there is often precious little time to actually act on, let alone editorialize much about those visions of sugarplums that swirls about my head.

This weekend, I’ve become fascinated with felted objects.

First, I met a lovely woman who knits handbags, then felts them and stitches these sweet little flower designs on the front. The colors are vibrant, like out-of-the-box crayons. I have to admit that the only reason I didn’t buy one was because I wasn’t fond of the handles. There I go, being all ‘pragmatic’ about art again!

Second, a colleague shared these wonderful felted forms from a class she & her daughter took at a yarn shop. The artist/instructor had published a wonderful book of felted projects, everything from wearables like jewelry and sweaters to ornaments and laptop sleeves.  It’s a warm cozy sleeve for my little ‘thought safe’ that feels so down-to-earth. Oh, I’m smitten with this idea!

Thus begins my kreative week…

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