Adding to the Conversation

Our Quilty Improv Group explored another chapter in Ms Sherry Lynn Wood‘s new book. This month, the third Score, “Yes, and,” challenges us to an improvisational round robin conversation. The idea is to listen to what is presented (be it starting fabric or patchwork passed), to affirm and then respond in the moment. Well, within 20 minutes, that is.

Centered, ready at our sewing machines with our chosen fabrics, we begin. Truth be told, I pulled my fabrics just minutes before everyone arrived. I did plan my signature as this little tiger print in teal, orange, lime and pink, that I’m using for another BAMalot “yes, and” group. The rest of my fabrics are similar color scraps: pink/orange strips, partial fuchsia blocks and orphan blocks, including my first 2 Tula City Sampler blocks before I changed up my fabric scheme.

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So many Strings, so little time!

Over the past couple months, my Quilty Improv Group has really delved into Ms Sherry Lynn Wood‘s second Score: Strings. Yes, we liked it so much that we decided an ‘encore’ was in order! Our quilt studies include strips of strings, negative space strings, gem-shaped string petals and yes, string triangles. 😉

With Score for Strings, I started with the solids from a baby quilt I made last year and curated fabrics in analogous color schemes: purple/orange, sky blue/yellow and green/brown/navy.2015SoManyStrings1

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Bright Idea

This month’s installment of BAM-alot Blocks found me hunting up the longest pieces of solid fabric for creating borders. I didn’t have any of the new fabric additions, so I thought I’d use the original purples and gray prints. Perhaps I could echo the pie slices in the corners and use colorful squares-on-point along the edges. I also toyed with triangles.

But for some reason, that hypnotizing circle fabric was too overwhelming. Maybe a good solid could contain its energizing powers. The purple seemed dull, but there were two possible reds, one burgundy and one hot pink. Guess which one I liked?

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BAM Around

2013BAMAroundAugWith the long weekend, I’m contemplating my addition options for the round robin block. It’s déjà vu because my friend & I split a long strip-pieced fabric swatch for our starter blocks. I’m working on hers with a couple months of borders. Here’s my chosen color palette.

I’m looking forward2013BAMAroundAug2 to reintroducing purple. My other quandary is how to work with the trapezoid shape. I could square it up & turn it on point. I do like it much better with less green, but I’m not ready to cut it yet.

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Around we go, almost!

For this installment of BAM-a-lot Blocks, I have a fun, stripe-n-square block that was last bordered only on two sides. My choice of fabrics included colors I thought would meld (orange and plum) as well as a bright teal and lime, plus an orange mandala print that’s similar to the multicolored small print already in the piece.

My first thought is to bookend half a mandala on 2013BAMaLot2each side, however, that seems a little too expected. Since it shines like a sunset sinking into a brilliant azure sea on the dusty purple horizon, I place it on the ‘top’ border centering it on the vertical and ponder the left half of the equation. Continuing the stacked blocks might work, but I decide to echo the stripes instead and save the blocks for the right side. I’m running out of that plum for the bottom. There’s just enough, with an orange squeaked in there to finish one last strip.

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Mod Robin: My Start

Recently, I visited a local Modern Quilt Guild with a couple friends.

CandyFabricOne of the projects that drew me in was a small group round robin block. All the fresh fabrics were jumbled like Halloween candy on the table. As we were late to this group, my friend & I split the strip-pieced swatch in the foreground. I thought I might slice it up and reconstruct the block like my red striped pillow from last year, but I changed direction and put on a MQGJuly2013skewed border instead. I’d like to work more on the corners, but I like the wonky feel for my first BAM-a-Lot Block.

(NOTE: this is MY starting block for others to add sections or borders around.)