Bright Idea

This month’s installment of BAM-alot Blocks found me hunting up the longest pieces of solid fabric for creating borders. I didn’t have any of the new fabric additions, so I thought I’d use the original purples and gray prints. Perhaps I could echo the pie slices in the corners and use colorful squares-on-point along the edges. I also toyed with triangles.

But for some reason, that hypnotizing circle fabric was too overwhelming. Maybe a good solid could contain its energizing powers. The purple seemed dull, but there were two possible reds, one burgundy and one hot pink. Guess which one I liked?

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Rocky Road to Love, Part 13

Yup, I’m way beyond part 2!

Another quilting retreat and finally, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Everything is relatively square border-wise, though on corner is still a little wonky ~ Ah well!

On to the next burning decision: to “prairie point or not?” After a little research, I find a tip for continuous prairie points and augment it with pairs of points to create a scrappy look befitting my design. They are remarkably easy to assemble (though I hit a snag sizing them), and I zip up the points and painstakingly press throughout Friday night. It’s maddeningly tedious work, but every time I set a strand of triangles to a border, my excitement bolsters my resolve to continue throughout the following day. After the dinner break on Saturday, I finally ‘pillow-top’ the border.

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