And now for something completely different…

Well, at least I hope so!

As ready as I’ve been to kiss 2009 good bye, I’m looking ahead to 2010 with much… hope.

I remember New Year’s eve 1999 as if it were yesterday.
Recall the worry over Y2K computer problems? Yet there we were, partying like it was 1999, well, because it was! And when the ball dropped and nothing horrible blew up (yet), there was a collective sigh of relief at dodging a bullet this time.

This decade has shown me so much of both good (learning how to run a successful business that includes philanthropy & forging adult relationships with my family and friends) and evil (disasters with planes that I could scarcely imagine & the job/home mortgage crisis many of those close to me are still working through today). And I thought the 90’s were an amazing decade of change!

But this past decade seemed to be about testing my resilience. Making choices about where to take my life and how to harness my creativity. Figuring out what i want to do & defining what I don’t.
Puzzling out why we’re here as we are and what we are becoming.

Passion without vision is just a pretty light show.
Vision without passion will get me there, but with a lot more work.

My combination creates an all-sensory state of being and doing that can sustain others as well as myself.
Learning to take in every breath as if it were my last, and to see how deeply amazing this alchemy we call life truly is, has been my challenge & pleasure.

I’ve shed a Milky Way of tears and echoed a universe of laughter.
And the cycle of a new decade and new year begin again.

So I begin 2010 with resilience and hope.
Happy Merry New to You!

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