BAM Around

2013BAMAroundAugWith the long weekend, I’m contemplating my addition options for the round robin block. It’s déjà vu because my friend & I split a long strip-pieced fabric swatch for our starter blocks. I’m working on hers with a couple months of borders. Here’s my chosen color palette.

I’m looking forward2013BAMAroundAug2 to reintroducing purple. My other quandary is how to work with the trapezoid shape. I could square it up & turn it on point. I do like it much better with less green, but I’m not ready to cut it yet.

An idea to insert a royal purple turns out to be more labor intensive than I planned. Chickie keeps an eye on the time as I applique my framework.  2013BAMAroundAug3

Unfortunately, I’ve left no time to set it on point. Maybe someone else will.2013BAMAroundAug4

(NOTE: Thus, MY addition to this block is just the appliquéd purple frame.)

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