Moment of Truth

It’s one thing to enter a quilt in an open exhibition, quite another to enter a judged show.

Before the San Mateo County Fair, I’d spent a couple more weeks of hand quilting. Finishing the top of the hearts, I decided the squares on point could use a little attention. I’m ambivalent about quilting another zigzag around the burgundy border; the squares will turn into diamond along the top and bottom, so maybe I’ll just leave it for later.

The tricky part is quilting the internal hanging sleeve. Luckily, I find a flat mirror from my kit that just fits and I set to work quilting the front, then flipping it over to mock-quilt (there’s no batting) the striped side. Easy peas-y!

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Preparing for the SCVQA Quilt Show Spring 2011

A flurry of quilting activity since the beginning of the year has culminated in two entries into a biennial quilt exhibition March 5 & 6.

First, I’ll finish the Shirt Pocket Quilt. Since it’s a pillow-top border, it’s easy enough to smooth it flat on the living room futon for handwork. Besides, I don’t possess a proper quilt frame. I stitched a simple 1” border and quilted stitch-in-the-ditch along each shirt block. This ‘easy’ part took me about 28 hours.

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