2016 Birthday Crane Cards

Okay, I’ll admit it.
I just can’t stop making these darling little cranes. My soft case is always at hand, filled with cut papers ready for any occasion.
My annual birthday card client also needs a new design for 2016, and I’ve considered using little cranes in the design. I punch out tiny envelopes and my client LOVES them.

2016BirthdayCraneCardsHere’s a funny coincidence: Isn’t curious how color coordinated I can be? I went to buy more cardstock wearing this lovely new scarf.

Since I love them as well, I decide to use them for my own Birthday/Everything cards.
It appears another challenge awaits me as I notice that the first two lines are the start of a haiku, I just need to write the last line.
“If my words had wings, they would fly to you each day…”

2016BirthdayCraneCardTreats“… bring you tasty treats!”
Thus, I embark on my Haiku-a-day/1K plus Crane Project. 🙂

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