So many Strings, so little time!

Over the past couple months, my Quilty Improv Group has really delved into Ms Sherry Lynn Wood‘s second Score: Strings. Yes, we liked it so much that we decided an ‘encore’ was in order! Our quilt studies include strips of strings, negative space strings, gem-shaped string petals and yes, string triangles. 😉

With Score for Strings, I started with the solids from a baby quilt I made last year and curated fabrics in analogous color schemes: purple/orange, sky blue/yellow and green/brown/navy.2015SoManyStrings1

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Back in Tie-Land!

For this Marin Autumn Retreat, I took another weekend trip to Tie-Land.

Working with the last blue shirt and two-dozen ties, I used the ‘string block’ method to make a four blocks for the pillow top and plan four solid blocks out of wool trousers for the backside.

My goal is to complete 8 pillows, so I’ll need to cut the last 23 ties very judiciously to make this work. 2013TieLandPillow

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