Adding to the Conversation

Our Quilty Improv Group explored another chapter in Ms Sherry Lynn Wood‘s new book. This month, the third Score, “Yes, and,” challenges us to an improvisational round robin conversation. The idea is to listen to what is presented (be it starting fabric or patchwork passed), to affirm and then respond in the moment. Well, within 20 minutes, that is.

Centered, ready at our sewing machines with our chosen fabrics, we begin. Truth be told, I pulled my fabrics just minutes before everyone arrived. I did plan my signature as this little tiger print in teal, orange, lime and pink, that I’m using for another BAMalot “yes, and” group. The rest of my fabrics are similar color scraps: pink/orange strips, partial fuchsia blocks and orphan blocks, including my first 2 Tula City Sampler blocks before I changed up my fabric scheme.

Here is my start after the first 20 minutes…2015AddingtotheConvo1And all four of our starts together…
2015AddingtotheConvo2As we passed our fabric parcels, I noticed how focused we were for that 20 minutes. We only chatted as we stopped for lunch; otherwise, we each stepped into our own private sewing booth. Here is where we stopped…2015AddingtotheConvo4

After everyone left, I decided to ‘close the conversation’ with one last row to finish the right-hand side.
2015AddingtotheConvo5 2015AddingtotheConvo6

What fun this has been! Pulling out each block was like opening a special present on Christmas morning, I only saw the gift in front of me. Perhaps that is why my quilt study has the working title: The Gift of Conversation.

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