Conversations with Shiitake

After a recent trip to the emergency room for labored breathing, Shiitake was diagnosed with restrictive heart disease and kidney issues. I’m somewhat dismayed that my cat actually has a cardiologist and takes more meds than Orion did this spring. But it really has been nice to work on smaller Quilty projects with him happily curled up in my lap.
2015Shiitake1We have these really interesting discussions, too.

🐱 So what’s all this ‘slow stitching’ about?
😊 Well, I guess in a world that’s so fast-paced and distracting, it’s about remembering to slow down, be fully engaged in the creative process, sharpen skills at every level, and truly honor your own journey.
🐱 K, but don’t u already do that? I mean, u started ur ‘Labor of Love’ quilt when I was just a kitteh, with the last few spent hand quilting. Are u part of the movement?
😊 Nope.
🐱 Huh. Why not?
😊 Ah, mostly because my creative journey has always been inherently contemplative, yet spontaneous whether I’m quilting or painting, gardening or cooking. For instance, when my client asks for 40 hand-made cards with silk flowers, I pull out all my goodies and consider colors based on the seasons and shapes of the petals, as well as if would I give this card to my own friends. Then, I kreate!
🐱 So it’s not just hand-piecing/hand-quilting?
😊 Not really. The movement is open to any of the fiber arts and it’s more about focus and mindfulness.
🐱 What happens when ur mind gets full?
😊 Um… I guess I take a nap.
🐱 Ah, then I’m gonna join the slow stitching movement myself now!💤
And then this gem from just the other day:
🐱 Doesn’t everyone have too big a heart and too little time to waste?
😊 No, little one. But yes.

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