Great Discovery

While I knew that my great grandmother was an avid quilter, I hadn’t seen her handiwork in many years. On a recent visit with my mother, she pulled out several quilts that I easily remembered from childhood. Here’s one that was on my parents bed.

It’s called Carpenter’s Wheel.CarpenterWheel This seems to be a favorite block design. Using two colors make a flat block, but with the large ‘corner’ triangles around each block, the background seems to change. This quilt is especially amazing because it’s hand pieced & hand quilted. We have several more in various fabric combos and it’s interesting to note differences.

CarpenterWheelVar1This quilt showcases the 3D use of a multi-fabric layout. It’s easier to see the cubes that make up the center star. And those ‘corner’ triangles frame each block nicely.

CarpenterWheelVar2A third version focuses on the star without the diamond wheel and features the square and one diamond  in the same color. A long six-pointed star emerges between the main blocks. The star seems more like a minty pinwheel.

There is more than meets the eye with this block design!

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