Rocking Good Time!


Have you ever taken a creative workshop and felt overwhelmed and out of your comfort zone not always understanding what the next step is…? You should! It’s liberating and amazing things happen.

Well, I mean, I took Joe the Quilter’s Rock the Block workshop and made some nifty things happen. With a late start, I had to jump in & catch up right away… did I mention that I still needed to choose fabric? Ah, indecisive am I?

But I just went with it; I got the handout and quick instruction from my friend and started cutting some crazy green/purple fabrics into strips and sewing them together.2014RockinBlockA

When I ran out of my favorite, Joe popped by and nonchalantly reminded me that I could always ‘make more’ by joining a few pieces, and off I went happily slicing and piecing until I had little piles ready to make into blocks.2014RockinBlockB

I barely took the time to see what masterpieces others were assembling, however there were some magical quilts taking shape all around me. Did I mention that while we sewed, Joe serenaded us strumming a few tunes between instructions? 🙂 By the end of the day, I had about 20 nifty blocks pieced:2014RockinBlocks

It looks awesome like this, but I’m not done… the next step is to sew them into strips and cut them once again and back together into 6-1/2″ blocks. Methinks I’ll keep some of the blocks with words aside, focusing on the color distribution by cutting up some of the larger minty and violet blocks. What a fascinating start that I could take in so many directions! Thanks, Joe!

Joe’s pretty cool, yeah, in a Snoopy sorta way.

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