Twice Heartbroken

Before Shiitake left us, he said: “Be kind to each other. Stay creative. Dream bigger. Enjoy life & L❤VE.”

Losing both our ‘sweet sixteen’ kitties made for an excruciatingly difficult year.2013ShiitakeOrionYinYang


Shiitake has been a true blue fighter. Finding his way without best friend Orion, fulfilling his dreams as a world-class caterwauling champ, and protecting our territory all while weathering a trifecta of health issues & even surgery.2007ShiitakePink 2008Shiitake 2008ShiitakeLawn

While still a yearling, Shiitake fell in the pool then immediately scrambled out, raced into the house & slammed into a wall, J laughed until it hurt while I grabbed our wild ball of dazed energy. He has been a fluffy, stinky, flippy, tree climbing, little bear.

We will dearly miss you, Bright Eyes.2007Shiitake

8 thoughts on “Twice Heartbroken

    • Thank you, Ann. Shiitake was a special kitty. I keep looking for them both underfoot, in the window, in my lap… 🙁

  1. M, I’m so sorry. Both beautiful boys in the same year — I have no words. Please let me know if there’s anything we can do. Much love and hugs from all of us here.

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