Bright Idea

This month’s installment of BAM-alot Blocks found me hunting up the longest pieces of solid fabric for creating borders. I didn’t have any of the new fabric additions, so I thought I’d use the original purples and gray prints. Perhaps I could echo the pie slices in the corners and use colorful squares-on-point along the edges. I also toyed with triangles.

But for some reason, that hypnotizing circle fabric was too overwhelming. Maybe a good solid could contain its energizing powers. The purple seemed dull, but there were two possible reds, one burgundy and one hot pink. Guess which one I liked?

Just an inch around gave my eye a place to rest. I had visions of polka-dot orange & purple Prairie Points, but I restrained myself and even ditched the orange. Good idea, though so I speed-pieced a few trios of triangles. If I put too many around, it would negate the ‘calming effect’ of a solid. Hey, pink is a neutral, right?

Anyway, here it is! And I did make one special purple Prairie Point. 🙂2013BAMaLotJen

(NOTE: MY addition to this block is just the outside hot pink border with colorful triangles & one special Prairie Point.)

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