Great Discovery

While I knew that my great grandmother was an avid quilter, I hadn’t seen her handiwork in many years. On a recent visit with my mother, she pulled out several quilts that I easily remembered from childhood. Here’s one that was on my parents bed.

It’s called Carpenter’s Wheel.CarpenterWheel This seems to be a favorite block design. Using two colors make a flat block, but with the large ‘corner’ triangles around each block, the background seems to change. This quilt is especially amazing because it’s hand pieced & hand quilted. We have several more in various fabric combos and it’s interesting to note differences.

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Have a rootin’ tootin’ shoot-em-up kinda day!

Birthdays can be low-key and surprisingly nice.

A colleague returned from Hawaii and brought me chocolate covered macadamia nuts for helping her out while she was away.  (mm, what a tasty birthday treat!)

Upon finishing my grocery shopping, when the cashier innocently asked how my day was, I said, ‘Fabulous, it’s my birthday!’ He decided not to charge me for the $4 mini rose bush. It was unexpected and appreciated.

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Remember October 1st, 2011

Today I was reminded why I’m here.

Generally, I come across as a smiling, positive person, however there are moments when even I define myself by all of the things I haven’t accomplished or have done badly. As I spend more time on this planet, I have more mistakes and ill-chosen directions to focus on, so it really doesn’t take long for me to swirl down the negativity drain.

That’s usually when little things start to go awry; pipes leak, cats throw up on the rug, and my car is vandalized… and worse.

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Photo Albums: Canyon done, on to Eggplant!

Another realm for my creativity is scrapbooking.

I’m a prolific photographer when I travel and there are thousands of pictures locked away on my laptop. My current challenge has been to print recent trips and assemble albums. Last month, I completed a double album project I’ve been working on for four years that covered three vacations I took with my dear friend. Making two identical albums was rather challenging, but I love the Canyon Album (so named because our travels were to points in the Southwest US & Mexico).

So, I’m on to our trip to France in 2010. I plan to design and print out digital pages, not just individual pictures. Hopefully, this will make assembly easier and we can enjoy our albums soon!

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Just an April Fool

Well, I guess the joke is on me.
My intention to post something interesting at least monthly seems to be more like quarterly in reality.

Have I misplaced my ‘kreative’ spirit?
Perhaps I’m just too kinetic to be pinning my thoughts down?
Or is there too much clutter and it’s time for serious Spring cleaning?
Maybe I need a change of scenery or new experiences?
Or is it simply a systematic apathy that hasn’t been easy to shake?
Whatever it is I’m fighting, little by little, there’s something chipping away inside, leaving a hollow shell.
Ever felt like this?

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And now for something completely different…

Well, at least I hope so!

As ready as I’ve been to kiss 2009 good bye, I’m looking ahead to 2010 with much… hope.

I remember New Year’s eve 1999 as if it were yesterday.
Recall the worry over Y2K computer problems? Yet there we were, partying like it was 1999, well, because it was! And when the ball dropped and nothing horrible blew up (yet), there was a collective sigh of relief at dodging a bullet this time.

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So, you say you’re kreative?

Great! But with a multitude of interests, when will you make time to post something?!?!

True. The Holidays provide much inspiration, especially edibles, decorations, music and art. Even wrapping gifts provide a simple artistic expression. However, there is often precious little time to actually act on, let alone editorialize much about those visions of sugarplums that swirls about my head.

This weekend, I’ve become fascinated with felted objects.

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