Honing my Improv Instincts

Improv Sewing is a fabulously relaxing way to spend a Sunday! During today’s workshop, Improvising from a Score with Sherry Lynn Wood, we start the process with a centering meditation breathing deeply in and back out. My thoughts drift away as words are spoken and when I open my eyes again, my fabric choices are shiny and bright. Although I brought just a few options, my first three fabrics call clearly to me.  Once again, I’m reminded to trust my initial instincts.

When starting improvisational sewing projects, knowing where to start can be a hurdle for my creativity. For this session, we are using the first Score: Floating Squares. I’ve made my fabric choices and began to cut various sized squares from two fabrics, leaving the third as filler.
2015OctSLWScore3My process is simple: choose two squares, sew together, then choose the next square and add the filler so that it fits the first two squares (if needed) and sew together. Turn clockwise and continue the process. Yes, I started with a ‘log cabin’ mindset and while it seems like a static idea, it actually freed me from over-thinking what fabric to add next. It also doesn’t look particularly like a ‘log cabin,’ so I’m pleased with my first block.

Below, we’re evaluating the journey. Giving pause to identify what was discovered, is an integral part of the process to help us appreciate and move forward.
2015OctSLWScore1Back at my machine, I decide to swap in my alternate blue to lighten things up. I whip up a few more blocks focusing on shape more that fabric and lay them all out to see how this puzzle fits together. Curiously, two of my blocks are about 13-1/2″ square and the other two 13-1/3″ wide. And I’m not using a ruler, so this rather surprises me.2015OctSLWScore6

It’s been fun to watch this grow without having any set direction, pattern or expectation… and, I’m really beginning to “find my flow,” as Sherry Lynn would say.

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