‘Finish it’ February

After years of focusing on the same quilt, I’m happy to say that there are already 8 projects on my WIP list for 2015, including a sampler. Hmm… It’s a good thing that the annual Spring retreat is this month. I could use some time to focus on sewing.
Saturday morning, N and I made progress on our Improv Charity Blocks from Cheryl Arkison’s workshops. 2015FinishImprovCharityPiecing

There are now twelve 15″ blocks total: her 3, my 3, Cheryl’s 3 and the 3 we just made. I sewed the top together and next we will look for red backing fabrics.
2015FinishImprovCharityTopTop finished. Check!

Next, I make progress on my Orchid Birdie Wheels.
This is the quilt I hoped to finish for the 2014 Pantone Color-of-the-year, Radiant Orchid. Two 24″ blocks were assembled last year and I planned for least nine total. However, I got derailed by this stunning green I snagged from the destash table and started to play.2015OrchidMintWheelPiecing


Hmm… I’m not really sure I like this in my Orchid Quilt.¬† It’s more like that ‘one of these things is not like the other’ game. I guess¬† I’ll set it aside unfinished for now.2015OrchidMintWheelSetof4

Finally: Happiness Rocks!
I’ve managed to piece this using almost ALL the fabric! 2015FinishHappySewCat2015FinishHappyPiecingAnd there are only a few scraps left to integrate into the backing!
Thus, the top is finished!

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