Talking your ear off: part 1

Seems with all that’s going on this year, I’m having trouble focusing on any of my own projects.
Luckily, there’s a round of BAM conversations to distract me. It’s been especially nice to spend a little time with a new fabric palette each month and figure out what I want to ‘say’ within that context.

For February, I’m intrigued by A’s print choices. Jewel-toned diamonds, graphic flowers and purple! Well, I like purple.2016BAMNewConvoFOnce I decide to use pink kitties as my signature fabric, I make my Half Square Triangles with the Magic 8’s Method, which incidentally you can find here.2016BAMNewConvoG1As I lay out my blocks they seem to work best along the right-hand side. Actually, one even creates an unexpected house motif. Along with my finish, here are a few of my favorite parts:

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A New Year, A New BAM Conversation

I just couldn’t stay away.

The round robin format that started last year with our ‘yes, and…’ conversations continues and I am able to share little pieces of my creativity with my sewing friends.

Losing no time in January 2016, I start with MN’s fabulous conversation:2016BAMNewConvoA

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Adding to the BAM Conversation

Let’s start another conversation.
My Modern Quilt Guild also started an Improv Round Robin after Ms Sherry Lynn Wood’s presentation this summer and I signed right up since I’m always happy to play with other quilter’s fabrics.

2015BAMAddingtotheConvoAFor my September 2015 start above, I came across the ‘orphan block’ I’d originally made for the St Louis swap last summer, (I ended up making another block for that project) and it was perfect! My fabric pull included similar colors, plus some coral and, after ‘adding some shinies’ to the block, it was good to go. Easy Peasy!

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Mod Robin: My Start

Recently, I visited a local Modern Quilt Guild with a couple friends.

CandyFabricOne of the projects that drew me in was a small group round robin block. All the fresh fabrics were jumbled like Halloween candy on the table. As we were late to this group, my friend & I split the strip-pieced swatch in the foreground. I thought I might slice it up and reconstruct the block like my red striped pillow from last year, but I changed direction and put on a MQGJuly2013skewed border instead. I’d like to work more on the corners, but I like the wonky feel for my first BAM-a-Lot Block.

(NOTE: this is MY starting block for others to add sections or borders around.)