Found crawling across the sidewalk of a Denny’s in King City when he was days old, this little ‘bitey-scratchy-bouncy-off-walls kitty’ so endeared himself to us over the years while driving us crazy!

Grateful for the time he spent as part of our family eating blueberries & peas, spinning on chairs & opening sliding glass doors, grooming & keeping Shiitake company, being my shoulder cat & quilt weight…2015OrionApril

I’ve embarked on Improv Quilting projects and he was right there for me as I moved my Husqi outside for some ‘plein aire’ sewing last weekend.2015OrionImprovA2015OrionImprovB Although he was pretty tired.

He is dearly missed… His memory is etched in our hearts and his spirit yet lingers. Love ❤️ him always!

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